Kat Mills

Acoustic Originals and Classics

Kat Mills

Kat Mills is a radiant, class-act songwriter showcasing the raw energy of a single voice and acoustic guitar. A powerful range, vintage instruments, and inspiring soulful material combine to produce a clean honest sound that leaves audiences wanting more. Reminiscent of another time, commenting on today, Kat is currently based out of Blacksburg, VA and tours throughout the east and beyond.

Kat is a fully independent artist and releases top-quality recordings through her own label, Sweetcut Music, and with the help and guidance of Collective Works, a songwriter cooperative in the Hudson Valley of NY, founded by award-winning producer and musician Scott Petito.

"Pure. That's the voice that appeals...that's Kat Mills."
-Ulster Publishing, NY

"Music that really feels more like an intuition than an actual product, Kat Mills has found a way to go beyond what we think we hear or feel. Intangible." -Independent Songwriter