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Solo, soul folk live shows. Layered, collaborative recordings.
Kat Mills is a writer, singer, guitarist and seeker rooted in GenX habits, nodding to 60s and 70s troubadour traditions, and openly commenting on the aches and triumphs of the moment.

The brand new, full-length Kat Mills album, Silver, is almost complete. It’s a groovy, honest collection of 10 original songs with the stellar production value you’ve come to expect from her work with longtime producer Scott Petito. Featured session artists include David Spinozza, Clifford Carter, Marc Shulman, Rachel Handman and Zachary Alford. Tastes of soul, r&b, folk and pop mean there’s something for everyone. Poetic lyrics and that smoky alto voice mean it’s definitely Kat Mills.

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“Pure…that’s the voice that appeals. That’s Kat Mills”. –Ulster Publishing
“Kat Mills is a wonderfully talented folk singer and songwriter. Her steely voice matches her insightful lyrics and interesting compositions.” -Tad Dickens, Roanoke Times
“There are so many great singers with a presence in Kat’s voice; it seems there are equal parts Joni Mitchell and Natalie Merchant, with a heartbreaking touch of Sophie B. Hawkins”.
–Adam Harris, Mountain Stage